My Favorite Restaurants in Hong Kong

Updated: 07/04/2018 | July 4th, 2018 In the crowded streets of Hong Kong, one always finds street vendors serving delicious noodles, roasted ducks hanging in the windows of restaurants, fish tanks full of tonight’s dinner, and trendy eateries next to decades-old dim sum establishments. Smells of rice, fried chicken, and noodles fill the air as you move…


Summer in Indonesia

Shares 212 Summer is often the best time to travel, especially for those who are travelling with their family, and it’s a little-known fact that the very best time of year to visit Indonesia is during the summer months. Unlike the rest of Asia, where blisteringly high temperatures and heavy monsoon rains can threaten to…


Top 5 cities that merge the old with the new

By Claire Powell on May 12, 2018 in Africa, Argentina, Asia, India, Japan, Morocco, New York, North America, Regions, South America, USA Shares 165 We love places where history thumps through the streets like a heartbeat, but some of the world’s greatest cities are even greater thanks to contemporary influences. Here’s our collection of our…


12 of the best hotel interiors

By James Jayasundera on Jun 12, 2018 in Accommodation, Africa, Asia, Europe, Hotels, India, Japan, Maldives, Regions, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Western Europe As travellers today are more frequently in search of the unique and insta-worthy, ever more ravishing interiors are fast replacing the cookie-cutter ‘hotel look’ around the world. There is…

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