12 Paris Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next Trip

@georgiannalane is a favorite Paris Perfect photographer. If you spend time scrolling through Paris Instagram accounts then you’re probably looking to freshen up your feed. While narrowing down all of the fantastic Paris Instagram accounts is nearly impossible, there are some that really make you feel as if you’re right there in the city with…


What to Pack for Paris in the Spring

Perplexed as to what to pack for Paris in the spring? So you’ve booked your trip to the French capital, and rented a fabulous holiday apartment from Paris Perfect. But what to pack for Paris in the spring? Deciding on the perfect capsule wardrobe to cope with all eventualities is a tricky travel dilemma. You…


Soldes in France: Guide to Shopping the Biannual Sales in Paris

Everybody likes a good deal when shopping, right? And if it’s while shopping in Paris, even better. Say hello to the biannual sales, known as les soldes! The dates are chosen by the French government, and they are the only periods of the year when stores can legally sell merchandise at a loss to make…

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